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Meet Ankit..

Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur 

& Motivational Speaker

On a mission to help 1 Billion people live up to their full potential. Over 500,000+ people from 12+ countries have enrolled in Ankit's trainings & courses.

Who is Ankit Neerav?

Straight out of engineering college, Ankit gave up lucrative placement offers from Infosys & other companies to start his e-commerce venture in 2015, which went on to do over 30+ crores in sales. 

In 2019, he tragically lost his father, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey who served as a govt doctor in some of the poorest districts of Bihar.


This event had a profound impact on him.


Ankit says "I saw a picture in the newspaper where dozens of people including the District Magistrate were paying their last respects at the mortal remains of my father. Most government offices in the district were closed that day. People I had never seen before bowed, touched his feet and shared condolences. They had been deeply impacted by his 28 years of selfless service."


He decided that he wanted to have such an impact on the world too. 


In the following months, he lost his grandmother and his grandfather. Just then, the Covid pandemic started and his business came to a halt as it did not deliver "essential items".


It was in the toughest moments of his life, that he set a goal to help One Billion people live upto their full potential, in his lifetime.


Ankit was always a voracious reader. He then started to learn from the top self-improvement experts in the world including Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Chloe Madanes, Dr. Joe Vitale and others.


In April of 2020 he launched his first action-based training that within days, started to create positive change in people's lives. Over 30,000 people joined this whatsapp based action-based training in the first few months.

As of today, over 500,000+ people from 12+ countries have enrolled in Ankit's trainings and courses.

Ankit is a pioneer in the self improvement space in India with path-breaking concepts and tools like the Perspective Exercise, the R.O.P.E.S framework, the Time Hacking framework, Conscious Disbalance, Mindful Acceptance, Audio-based Archetype Access, the FINERGY concept and much more.

His courses, training & live events have been loved by people from all walks of life from students and home makers to doctors, lawyers, judges, chartered accountants, IT professionals, army & police personnel and even motivational speakers & life coaches.

Join Ankit's Live Events or Action Based Training to experience the transformation for yourself!






WhatsApp: +91-706-720-2225
(Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:00) 
Ankit Neerav Creations,
Priyadarshi Nagar, Patna-801503


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