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Action-Based Training

Discover Consistency, Deep-rooted change, Powerful Communities & Daily Growth in Ankit's revolutionary WhatsApp-Based Action Based Training!

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I always had big dreams and I knew I had the potential to achieve them BUT I Lacked ACTION. I watched Youtube for 6 hours a day!


Then in 2014, a businessman told me, "It will take your entire life to earn how much money I have!"


It HURT! Because it was true!


The way I was wasting my life, I would never even achieve a fraction of what my dreams were. That night, I looked into the mirror and decided to take responsibility for my life.

I read hundreds of books over the next 3 years and got trained with the best coaches in the world. I went from being LAZY and failing my Class 11 exam to building a 20 Crore-in-sales e-commerce business in 3 years and I was just 28 years old! 🚀

In 2020, I Created The Dream Life System to Show You EXACTLY How I Built My Dream Life and It went VIRAL during the pandemic. People changed their lives and habits within days!

They call it "The Procrastination-Killer Workshop!"

Here are the Most CRAZY-AMAZING 5 Days:

➡️ DAY 1 - Kill Procrastination Forever 👨‍💼

➡️ DAY 2 - Wake Up At 5 AM Every Day ⏰

➡️ DAY 3 - Power Hour For Success 🏋‍♀

➡️ DAY 4 - Attract & Manifest Wealth 🤩

➡️ DAY 5 - LIVE Freedom Visualization Exercise that Will Launch The New You! (Live Session)

Want to TAKE CONTROL & Build YOUR Dream Life?

(Over 30,000+ people have already DONE IT!)


WhatsApp: +91-911-378-5213
(Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:00) 
Ankit Neerav Creations,
Priyadarshi Nagar, Patna-801503


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